The team


Dario Savini
EECO-SISTEMI's CEO and Ecology adjunct contract Professor at the University of Pavia; Life Sciences degree at the University of Pavia in 1997;
Master in Marine Environmental Protection, UK in 1999;
PhD in Experimental Ecology and Geobotany in Pavia in 2003;
He has been dealing with ecology of aquatic environment for fifteen years. He is also author of seventy scientific publications about that topic, of which thirty are indexed;
He was also founder and pro-tempore chairman (until April 2013) of the no-profit scientific association called For-Mare;
He is the scientific person in charge and adjunct contract professor at the University of Pavia for the international PhD teaching project ERASMUS MUNDUS MARES;
He is member of the scientific commettee of the Biennale Habitat;

Sergio Modenese
ECO-SISTEMI's chief technical officer and President;


Chemistry degree at University of Genoa in 1997;

He is very interested in the study of water ecosystem dynamics, he has been working for many years with the research world, in particular with the University of Pavia. In this way, he can always update his scientific knowledge about environment and pollution.

He is employee of an Italian leading company that works in the environmental field; at this company he has to owe most of his technical training in the water treatment field and he is actually working on the planning and on the running of big water treatment plants.

He has been always devoting himself to water cleaning up, improving his knowledge of innovative natural processes - based on phytodepuration - which have a very low environmental impact: the academic spin off technical direction represents a good chance for the comparison, the contact, the dialogue and the mutual promotion between two different fields, the academic one and the industrial one.

Aniello Esposito

Chief Production Officer

He has been directing assembling and starters of many industrial and civil plants of big dimension.
At Eco-Sistemi he is in charge of plants production and installation.


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