Eco-Sistemi's mission is the design and the creation of new, natural and alternative technologies of water purification , respecting the six main objectives of environmental sustainability:

1) maximize the treated water reuse without wasting them in the environment (avoid the waste);
2) minimize the energy costs for the systems functioning;
3) minimize the system running expenses ( less technicians, no production of sediment during the process);
4) decentralization of the purification plants, in order to make it more fragmented and more manageable; give a solution also to the little urban areas which are geographically far from the sewerage system;
5) treatment of particular waste water typologies for which there is not any effective solution ( for example, vegetation water from the olive pressing, drugs removal from urban waste water);
6) minimize the plants environmental impact and make the water purification as something accepted by the citizen or even nice.

Our philosophy is about the home biogarden where black water (from toilets), grey water (from washing machines and washbasin) and rainwater are purified by purifying flower-bed, then stocked in water tanks and then reused to water the garden, to refill the toilet basin, to create little lakes, fountains, to make car-washing. The aim is reusing this water and not the drinkable water for which we have to pay the bill. Reuse is better than waste.

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